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We are optimistic realists. Energetic empaths. Connectors of people. Details drive our results and we love to get granular. Our backup plans have backup plans. And we work impossibly hard to create unexpected moments of delight that are guaranteed to become your favorite enduring memories.

Momentous corporate events. Life’s milestones. Weddings without parallel. 

Momentous corporate events.
 Life’s milestones.
Weddings without parallel. 

No two events - no two approaches - are alike. From the way we explore your vision to the way we communicate. Everything custom fit to the way you work. We bring events to life.

Innovative design. Obsessive hospitality. 

We’ve forged the relationships and expertise to do what most think can’t be done. 

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"No attention to detail was overlooked."

"You said you would deliver and you did!"

"Your team is incredible."

"I LOVED working with you!"

"The final result was stunning."

"This event was the best we've ever attended."

"The best thing we did was hire you."

"Everything was so fantastic!"

"It was the best party ever."

"Everything was magical."

"Nothing short of perfection!"

"EVOKE's experience is world-class."

– Our clients say the nicest things –

For Us, it's about the relationships

Resolute. Compassionate. For one another. For the people behind the scenes. Most importantly, for you and your guests. A collective mindset with a common mission. Our dedicated team manages every detail, many of which you will never notice, so that you don’t have to. Giving you the gift of freedom. The comfort in having a good time with your people. That is the power - the heart - of hospitality. Why we do what we do.

A team that cares. 

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Celebrations that are celebrated.
Events that empower. 

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Based on the East Coast – Destinations Worldwide